Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry plays a critical part in the evaluation of hematological and lymphoid malignancies. The evaluation of Flow Cytometry, along with the morphology, provides a comprehensive diagnosis of blood cell abnormalities.

Our Flow Cytometry laboratory at UPDx is located in Fall River, MA and is under the directorship of Dr. Olga Weinberg. The lab is equipped with a state of the art, multiparameter 3 laser BD Canto II 8 color flow cytometer and offers a comprehensive test menu for the diagnosis of leukemia, lymphoma and related hematological disorders.

UPDx has cutting edge automated staining for sample preparation and our instruments include a BD Lyse/Wash Assistant and BD Sample Prep Assistant. Our validated test panels are optimized for the detection of a wide variety of hematological disorders.

We are a full-service, CAP accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory, offering the latest in diagnostic flow cytometry featuring: leukemia/lymphoma phenotyping, myeloma diagnosis, residual disease determinations and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobulinuria diagnosis.

Our central location and daily courier service allows for the preservation of the sample quality for testing, as well as decreased turn around times. We provide internet based reporting with remote access for referring clinicians to get the results into the hands of the patient's physician faster.