Our Dermatopathology division maintains high standards of client service, providing expert personal consultation to our community healthcare practitioners. We encourage our community physicians to come to us for both integrated pathology consults and specialized diagnostic reports.

Recognized experts in their field, Drs. Breen, Zembowicz, and Lyle are board certified in dermatopathology and trained in highly competitive fellowship programs. Dr. Breen holds an academic title at the Boston University School of Medicine, and heads the Roger Williams/Boston University Dermatopathology Fellowship Program. Dr. Zembowicz is an Associate Professor at Tufts University and Dr. Lyle is an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts. Drs. Zembowicz and Lyle both trained in the Harvard combined dermatopathology program. Dr. Zembowicz is the founder of Dermpedia, an educational site specific to dermatology and he is and internationally recognized expert in melanomas and Dr. Lyle is an expert in alopecia and hair disorders, adnexal tumors and melanocytic lesions.Annual average: 16,000 cases