Q: I received two bills. Is this a mistake? A: University Pathologists LLC is a private pathology group and invoices separately from the hospital. The invoice you receive from the hospital will cover the technical fee for the lab testing and the invoice you receive from University Pathologists will cover the professional diagnostic and interpretative fee of lab tests. Your physician, the hospital and University Pathologists have separate fee structures and billing processes.

Q: Why does my bill say Affiliated Professional Services on it? A: Affiliated Professional Services (APS) is the service University Pathologists contracts with to handle our billing. If you have any questions please visit their website or call 1-800-841-5200.

Q: Does University Pathologists accept all insurance? A: We participate with the majority of insurance companies in RI, MA and CT. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance provider or Affiliated Professional Services (APS).

Q: Why didn’t my insurance cover the entire amount? A: There are a variety of reasons for a possible remaining balance, including co-pays, deductibles and other special subscriber policies unique to your plan. Should this occur, University Pathologists will bill you for the remaining balance. Please consult your subscriber agreement for further information.

Q: What if I have no insurance? A: If you do not have insurance, there are a number of special programs administered through our partner hospitals that might be of help. You may be eligible for financial assistance through the hospitals financial counselors’ office. Please contact the hospital and ask for the financial counselor’s office. They can review your eligibility. University Pathologists will work with the hospital and extend the same assistance if you qualify. If you have other financial concerns please contact, Affiliated Professional Services at 1-800-841-5200. They will further assist you.