Our Vision

Mission statement
To provide the highest quality pathology and laboratory medicine services possible to our patients, clients and partner institutions and maintain an intellectually and academically vigorous professional practice that is financially sound and personally rewarding to its members and employees. 

University Pathologists strives to be the leader in anatomic and clinical pathology by changing the quality of patient care within the community and bringing accuracy, reliability and professional excellence to laboratory testing and diagnostic reporting.

Core Values

Quality: All of our pathologists are board certified in anatomic and/or clinical pathology and have completed fellowships at internationally renowned institutions. We have a strong surgical pathology division and many of our pathologists sub-specialize in hematopathology, dermatopathology, uropathology, gastrointestinal pathology, molecular pathology, molecular genetics, cytology and gynecologic pathology, as well as bone and podiatric pathology. In addition to the clinical practice of pathology, many of our pathologists are dedicated academicians and hold titles at the level of instructor through full range professor at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Community: Community is part of the foundation and mission of University Pathologists. We are a practice whose mission is to enhance the quality of patient care at the area hospitals within which we operate.

Integrity: Every employee of University Pathologists embodies the characteristics of honesty and moral character and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients. Each of our pathologists adheres to the codes and ethics of medicine and makes each diagnosis with a critical eye and a compassionate heart.

Diversity: We are a company comprised of a variety of cultures and each employee brings a unique style and experience to the group. Our diversity enables us to collaborate and gives us the creativity and adaptability to come up with effective strategies to achieve our goals.

Leadership: We are the first multi-specialty pathology group to operate out of community hospitals and our leadership has also enabled us to become one of the largest private pathology groups in the country. As a company we take on a leadership role inspiring hospitals, with individual management styles, goals and objectives to unite behind the common goal of enhancing the quality of patient care through the improvement of laboratory and pathology services.